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Robert D. Goldstein Managing Partner
Myron I. Altschuler Senior Partner
David R. Brody Senior Partner
David B. Cabrera Senior Partner
Eric M. Goidel Senior Partner
Todd I. Nahins Senior Partner
David B. Rosenbaum Senior Partner
Stephen C. Shulman Senior Partner
Glenn Berezanskiy Partner
Jeffrey C. Chancas Partner
Adam P. Cooper Partner
Martha Cruz Partner
Joseph I. Farca Partner
Patricia L. Feldman Partner
Lester J. Figueroa Partner
Lawrence E. Goldstein Partner
Brian Graifman Partner
Paul N. Gruber Partner
Anna Guiliano Partner
Mark Krassner Partner
Craig A. Kraus Partner
Darren R. Marks Partner
Michael R. Nerenberg Partner
Jeffrey L. Nogee Partner
Craig M. Notte Partner
Carlos Perez-Hall Partner
Jonathan Schreier Partner
Carla M. Seals Partner
Jeffrey H. Seiden Partner
Sarah F. Phillips Partner
Gregory G. Vail Partner
Harriet M. Polinsky Counsel
Ndukwe D. Agwu Counsel
Andrew I. Bart Associate
Neha K. Chopra Associate
Zachary C. Cohen Associate
Felix Gitelman Associate
Cristen L. Gottlieb Associate
Brandon M. James Associate
Elizabeth A. Lentini Associate
Mary D. Milone Associate
Joshua Nadelbach Associate
Evan S. Nahins Associate
Michael S. Olsen, Jr. Associate
Stephanie Rivas Associate
Kimberly Sholomon Associate
Tony A. Tsenesidis Associate
Yeyi Xu Associate

The Firm has paralegals in various departments, who work in conjunction with the attorneys. Please click here to learn more.