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Experienced Representation In NYC Loft Law Matters

The Loft Law practice group at Borah Goldstein is chaired by attorney David R. Brody, who has more than 40 years of experience representing owners of loft buildings in New York City.

This practice group offers a wide array of services to owners of buildings affected by the Loft Law. We have an active and cutting-edge practice before the Loft Board in which we defend against Loft Law coverage/tenant protection claims and rent overcharge claims. We also engage in the legalization process conducted at the Loft Board. We litigate legalization timetable extensions and the panoply of available issues.

Who We Serve And Proceedings We Handle

Our attorneys provide legal counsel to owners, developers, architects and prospective purchasers interested in developing loft buildings in New York City. This includes handling such matters as risk assessment, mitigation, obtaining and amending Certificates of Occupancy, rent regulatory issues, zoning, construction law and litigation before the Loft Board, Supreme Courts, and Civil Courts, negotiated settlements (“buyouts”), and financing issues.

We also practice before administrative agencies, including the Department of Buildings (DOB) and the Office of Administrative Tribunals and Hearings (“OATH” formerly the Environmental Control Board (“ECB”)) and assist in proceedings before the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA).

How We Have Shaped New York’s Loft Law

Our attorneys have helped shape the evolution of the Loft Law. We have assisted in lobbying for changes to the Loft Law, and we have provided the Loft Board with input as to proposed regulations.

We Consult With Judges And Train Attorneys On The Loft Law

In addition to influencing the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the Loft Law, our lawyers have educated judges and attorneys on its nuances. We have also appeared in panel discussions at the Loft Board, and we have consulted with and delivered lectures to the Civil Court Judges. Additionally, attorney David Brody has presented CLE courses on Loft Law for other attorneys.

Examples Of Our Many Loft Clients

Some of the many buildings we have represented in proceedings before the Loft Board include:

  • 57 Jay Street, Brooklyn
  • 70 Commercial Street, Brooklyn
  • 239 Banker Street, Brooklyn
  • 401 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 22 Catherine Street, Manhattan
  • 28 Bond Street, Manhattan
  • 44 Water Street, Manhattan
  • 83 Meserole Street, Brooklyn
  • 79 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn
  • 538 Johnson Street, Brooklyn
  • 255 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
  • 110 Bridge Street, Brooklyn
  • 100 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 199 W 8 Street, Brooklyn
  • 250 Moore Street, Brooklyn
  • 1099 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 135 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 151 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 475 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 114 Forrest Street, Brooklyn
  • 178 Walworth Street, Brooklyn
  • 307 Scholes Street, Brooklyn
  • 385 Troutman Street, Brooklyn
  • 210 Cook Street, Brooklyn
  • 28 Greene Street, Manhattan
  • 31 Washington Street, Brooklyn
  • 46-50 Greene Street, Manhattan
  • 64-68 Wooster Street, Manhattan
  • 109 Spring Street, Manhattan
  • 114 Franklin Street, Manhattan
  • 137 Duane Street, Manhattan
  • 165 West 26th Street, Manhattan
  • 195 Front Street, Brooklyn
  • 265 West 37th Street, Manhattan
  • 315 Berry Street, Brooklyn
  • 358 Broadway, Manhattan
  • 395 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 425 Broome Street, Manhattan
  • 464 Greenwich Street, Manhattan
  • 480-486 Broadway, Manhattan
  • 812 Broadway, Manhattan
  • 873 Broadway, Manhattan

Loft Law Status Memos

Our lawyers have authored numerous Loft Law notes, including:

  • Loft Law Notes WOOSTER SUMMARY, November 1, 2021
  • Loft Law Notes LOFT BOARD FINES LANDLORDS FOR UNFILED, January 23, 2017
  • Loft Law Notes The HP Part of the Civil Court May Not Have Jurisdiction over IMD Cases“, November 11, 2016.
  • Loft Law Notes LOFT LAW IS RENEWED, July 2015
  • Loft Law Notes RENEWAL OF THE LOFT LAW, June 2015
  • Loft Law Notes BUILDING REGISTRATIONS, July 2014
  • Loft Law Notes MARCH 11, 2014 SUNSET DATE October 2013

Learn More About Our Loft Law Practice

For information about what we can do to address your Loft Law concerns, please call our office at 855-720-2776 or send us an email to arrange a time to speak to one of our lawyers.