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Senior Partners

Photo of Robert D. Goldstein
Robert D. Goldstein
Photo of Myron I. Altschuler
Myron I. Altschuler
Photo of Todd I. Nahins
Todd I. Nahins
Photo of Eric M. Goidel
Eric M. Goidel
Photo of David R. Brody
David R. Brody
Photo of Stephen C. Shulman
Stephen C. Shulman
Photo of David B. Rosenbaum
David B. Rosenbaum
Photo of David B. Cabrera
David B. Cabrera
Photo of Gregory G. Vail
Gregory G. Vail
Photo of Darren R. Marks
Darren R. Marks
Photo of Michael R. Nerenberg
Michael R. Nerenberg
Photo of Carlos Perez-Hall
Carlos Perez-Hall
Photo of Jeffrey H. Seiden
Jeffrey H. Seiden


Photo of Glenn Berezanskiy
Glenn Berezanskiy
Photo of Phillip L Billet
Phillip L. Billet
Photo of Jeffrey C. Chancas
Jeffrey C. Chancas
Photo of Zachary C. Cohen
Zachary C. Cohen
Photo of Joseph I. Farca
Joseph I. Farca
Photo of Patricia L. Feldman

Patricia L. Feldman

Photo of Lester J. Figueroa
Lester J. Figueroa
Photo of Lawrence E. Goldstein
Lawrence E. Goldstein
Photo of Anna Guiliano
Anna Guiliano
Photo of Brandon M. James
Brandon M. James
Photo of Mark Krassner
Mark Krassner
Photo of Craig A. Kraus
Craig A. Kraus
Photo of Joshua Nadelbach
Joshua Nadelbach
Photo of Evan S. Nahins
Evan S. Nahins
Photo of Craig M. Notte
Craig M. Notte
Photo of Sarah Fiona Phillips
Sarah Fiona Phillips
Photo of Paul N. Gruber
Paul N. Gruber
Photo of Kimberly Dukhan
Kimberly Dukhan
Photo of Adam P. Cooper
Adam P. Cooper
Photo of Brian D. Graifman
Brian D. Graifman
Photo of Carla M. Seals
Carla M. Seals
Photo of Mary D. Milone
Mary D. Milone
Photo of Elizabeth A. Lentini
Elizabeth A. Lentini


Photo of Andrew I. Bart
Andrew I. Bart
Photo of Gabriel Block
Gabriel Block
Photo of Jeanette Chang
Jeanette Chang
Photo of Phoebe P. Dossett
Phoebe P. Dossett
Photo of Alyssa Grzesh
Alyssa Grzesh
Photo of Jessi Maduro
Jessi Maduro
Photo of Thomas Mountfort
Thomas Mountfort
Photo of Stephanie Rivas
Stephanie Rivas
Photo of Christopher Dylewski
Christopher Dylewski
Photo of Cristen L. Gottlieb
Cristen L. Gottlieb
Photo of Ryan Pyton
Ryan Python
Photo of Gregory Sarafan
Gregory Sarafan

Of Counsel

Photo of Robin Bernstein
Robin Bernstein
Photo of Wendy K. Goidel
Wendy K. Goidel
Photo of Gregg Kurlander

Gregg Kurlander

Photo of Nicole Elizabeth Meyer

Nicole Elizabeth Meyer

Photo of Jennifer Schwartz
Jennifer Schwartz
Photo of Dawn R. Myers
Dawn R. Myers
Photo of Harriet M. Polinsky
Harriet M. Polinsky
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