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Helping Enforce And Defend Against Foreclosures

The attorneys at Borah Goldstein have developed full understanding of the foreclosure landscape through handling both prosecution and defense work and are able to safeguard and maximize clients’ interest through the foreclosure process.

Our foreclosure lawyers can help with several different aspects of foreclosures, including condominium lien foreclosures; mortgage foreclosures; mortgage foreclosure defense; and nonjudicial foreclosures. Our clients include condominium and cooperative boards, private lenders and property owners.

Our work includes:

  • Providing procedural guidance to clients prior to commencing a foreclosure action to ensure strict adherence with applicable law and statutes
  • Negotiating modification, workouts and other loss mitigation alternatives to reach a mutually satisfactory solution between lenders and homeowners
  • Obtaining the appointment of receivers to manage and maintain property to protect clients’ interest during foreclosure
  • Supervising foreclosure auctions
  • Asserting rights to surplus funds on behalf of lienholders post-foreclosure
  • Handling bankruptcy concerns that may also arise

We know that this is something that can be a very complicated process, especially if it is your first time dealing with foreclosure issues. Our experienced team will provide you with clear information, and work with you to determine the right steps for your situation.

Attorneys Who Help You Protect Your Interests

We have worked on behalf of clients located throughout New York City who have questions regarding foreclosures. To speak with one of our lawyers, please call 855-720-2776 or send us an email to arrange your consultation.